1. Definition of Personal Information
The term “Personal Information” means information about a specific individual containing their name, address, telephone number, email address or other particulars that make it possible to identify them.  Moreover, information that will enable a specific individual to be identified when read in conjunction with other information that is readily available falls within the scope of "Personal Information", even if a specific individual cannot be identified based on the relevant information taken in isolation.
2. Management method of Personal Information
MIMS Career Portal and its related website ("Website" or "Service")is a website operated by MIMS. MIMS will take necessary and appropriate measures to safeguard the information of Users such as developing policies regarding the protection of personal information, giving training regarding the protection of personal information to staff and other persons associated with MIMS from time to time.
3. Purpose of collection and use of Personal Information
MIMS will collect/ use the Personal Information for the following purposes:
A. MIMS' provision of Services to Users;
B. subject to the relevant User's consent, disclosure of Personal Information to prospective employers that use the Service;
C. marketing and other materials relating to services offered by MIMS and its affiliated companies;
D. questionnaires and reports as to the result of such questionnaires, announcing promotions, soliciting product reviews and similar activities and dispatching gifts;
E. soliciting press coverage;
F. undertaking activities that are necessary to provide Services or to deal with inquiries from Users; and
G. other activities related or ancillary to the activities enumerated above.
4. Implications of Declining to Provide Personal Information
Users are not required to provide all the information asked to provide by MIMS, subject to the qualification that Users may not be able to receive Services if the necessary information is not provided to MIMS.
5. Disclosure of Personal Information to a third party
As a general rule, MIMS does not provide Users' Personal Information without their consent. MIMS may provide Personal Information to third parties provided that it identifies both the information to be provided and secures consent thereto from the relevant Users. MIMS may disclose a User's Personal Information without the User's consent in the following events:
A. where it is necessary to do so to observe laws and ordinances;
B. where it would be difficult to obtain consent from the User concerned and such disclosure is necessary to protect a person from death or serious bodily injury or to protect personal property;
C. where it is necessary for the purposes of promoting public health and the healthy development of children and it would be difficult to obtain consent from the User concerned;
D. where it is necessary for the purposes of cooperating with national or local governmental entities or those to whom governmental entities have delegated the performance of duties under primary or secondary legislation and MIMS determines that obtaining consent from Users concerned may hinder the performance of its obligation to cooperate;
E. where an order is issued by the court, public prosecutors office, police, bar association, consumer center or other authorities to disclose the User's Personal Information;
F. where Users explicitly request such information be provided to a third party;
G. where Personal Information is provided to a successor-in-title of its business, whether in a merger or otherwise;
H. when MIMS and its affiliated companies jointly use the Personal Information to the extent that this is necessary to accomplish the purpose of use expressly provided for herein.
 ・Method of collection of Personal Information
Collection via input form on the Website, email, Facsimile, mail, questionnaire, voice (telephone, etc.) or other methods in writing.
6. Delegation of handling of Personal Information
MIMS may delegate all or part of the handling of personal information to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use. MIMS shall select an appropriate entity to whom handling of Personal Information shall be delegated and shall properly supervise the same to ensure that Personal Information is managed safely.
7. Use of statistical data
MIMS may produce statistical data based on the Personal Information provided by Users which shall be processed so as to make it impossible to identify a specific individual User. MIMS may use statistical data with which individual Users cannot be identified without restriction.
8. Disclosure of Personal Information susceptible to disclosure
If MIMS receives request from a User for "notification of purpose of use", "disclosure", "change, addition or deletion" or "suspension of use, deletion or provision to a third party" ("Disclosure Request") of the Personal Information that is susceptible to disclosure, MIMS will deal with the request swiftly in accordance with its designated procedures.  It is however acknowledged and agreed that in any of the situations enumerated below, MIMS is prohibited from giving effect to a Disclosure Request and where a Disclosure Request is received in such eventuality, MIMS shall notify the User concerned accordingly:
A. cases in which disclosure might harm the life, body, property, or other rights or interests of the person or a third party;
B. cases in which disclosure is likely to seriously impede the proper conduct of the business of MIMS; and
C. cases in which disclosure would violate laws or regulations.
Users may in certain circumstances lose their entitlement to the provision of the Service they are currently using if they delete their Personal Information or cease to use or take similar actions.  Personal Information that ceases to be necessary, including without limitation on the cessation of the Service, will be disposed in accordance with MIMS' regulations.
9. Collection of personal data by the hard-to-recognizable way in person
Technologies such as cookies, web beacons or unique identification numbers of portable devices may be used on the Website.
(1) Cookie
A cookie is a mechanism that records your online browsing history and User inputs in the form of a file. The operator of a website can, among other things, change the content to be displayed for each User using the information from the cookie the next time the Users visits the website. The website can obtain the cookie data from the User's browser if the Users has configured their browser settings to allow cookie data to be sent and received.  To protect their privacy, Users' browsers only send or receive cookie data sent by the server of the website in question.
・Cookie settings
Users can set their cookie settings to "allow", "deny" and "inform the user when you receive a message". How to adjust them may differ depending on the browser. Please check how to adjust cookie settings using the help menu of your browser. If you choose "deny", you may be unable to use services that require authentication or otherwise be restricted from using certain services on the internet.
・How cookies are used
MIMS uses cookies for the following purposes:
A. to provide a customized service to each user by referring to registered information of users that is stored when users log in to authentication service;
B. to display content that each User is interested in or the most appropriate advertisement for each User on websites of others based on each User's usage of the MIMS' Website;
C. to research the number of users or traffic on the Website;
D. to improve MIMS' service quality;
E. to encourage users who have set up their own password and have not used the Service for a certain period to reenter (and re-authenticate) their password to maintain security;
MIMS may record and access the MIMS Cookie via any third-party website which MIMS has tasked with distributing advertisements on its behalf.
(2) Web Beacons
The Website contains a page that uses web beacons for the purpose of improving the Service and collecting statistical information relating to the usage of the Website.
Information collected via a web beacon does not contain any information that identifies any specific individual.
(3) Unique identification number of a portable device where password re-authentication is sought
The unique identification number of a portable device is a number sent from the User's portable device to identify the portable device when they access the site and is used for access management, among other things. A unique identification number does not contain any private information of Users such as their portable phone number, email address or name. A User cannot be identified by a unique identification number alone.
10. Period for storage of documents
MIMS will act swiftly to store electronically Personal Information such as CVs, qualification certificates, or questionnaires received from users and destroy the original copies of documents containing the same.
MIMS will not return documents or data. The period of storage for any information received is 1 year and MIMS may destroy the information after the storage period expires, provided however that, if Users withdraw from the Service, MIMS shall destroy documents such as curriculum vitae and data irrespective of whether such period has expired. Further, MIMS may delete Users' Personal Information data contained in emails or similar in accordance with the internal rules of MIMS.